Cantera Diez

Hotel History

Madero Av. (1900)

Boutique Hotel Cantera Diez, Normandie Building: more than 300 years of history.

This land, located in Portal Galeana 117, dates back to 1622. By 1708 the residence was acquired by the captain and regidor Antonio de Berrospe and Oyarzábal, who significantly renewed it, and at his death, in a pious sample, donated the property to church.

In 1770 the house becomes the Sacred Convent of Our Lady of Carmen and later in Hospital, attended by the Order of the Discalced Carmelites.

On February 27, 1805, in this house nuptials were made and spent their wedding night, Doña Ana María de Huarte y Muñiz, daughter of the Spanish Provincial Intendant of the District Don Isidro Huarte with the military of the Provincial Regiment of Valladolid Agustín de Iturbide and Aramburu (Augustine I, Emperor of Mexico), later known as the Iron Dragon.

During the twentieth century the commercial site of the portal was intended for different banking institutions, it was the 1st headquarters of the Bank of London and Mexico.

Michoacan merchant bank
Normandie Suites

In the 50’s, once again the building was remodeled, to become the Normandie Suites, one of the most representative hotels of the Morelia of that time, owing the name to the transatlantic in which businessman Don Máximo Diez arrived at Port of Veracruz coming from Spain, who acquired the property in the year 1922.

A part of the building, from the backyard and the top floor, underwent a reconstruction in 2007, which was in charge of Mr. Juan Carlos Doce Ibarra, who with great sense, managed to integrate the old with the modern, like the case Of the 19th century heater located in one of the bedrooms, or the vault of the Bank of London and Mexico, used as a wine cellar of select table wines.

The Hotel Boutique, offers to the public the best 15 suites of the state of Michoacán.